Who is 3D Premier Properties?

3D Premier Properties is a business created by our CEO and group of executives that started out as a dream for the next generation of housing and rentals. We remodel apartments, condos, beach houses, and more by adding in techno features. Our CEO, Raegan Kvadas, said “I wanted to make homes more technological savvy like the world around us.” We come with different security and technology packages that we install in houses and ship to people world wide. Our products can guarantee a safer and more efficient way to live your life. 3D Premier Properties is now turning the dream into a reality. We are very excited to see this company come to life, and for customers to buy our products.
Dylan Backus

Kyle Cordaro

Kaitlyn Glover

VP of Communication
​​Katrina Zechman

VP of
Katelyn Jordan

VP of
Raegan Kvadas

Danielle Kvadas

VP of
Customer Service
Van`Quez Hill

VP of

Silver Dawson

VP of
Domestic Sales
Nico Hoffman

VP of
Sophie DiCiccio

​VP of International Sales